Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 2016 Thoughts, Part 1

Some thoughts on E3 2016:


The character designs are whimsical and appealing; they are fun and cleverly proportioned. The same can be said of the environments. The gameplay expectedly resembles the delightful 3D platforming one would hope to find in this title. I would love to introduce this game to my children.


I like the artwork, although the protragonists are sadly the least exciting designs so far. The exception is Hardtack, whose gaudy schtick is hilarious and exciting. He steals the trailer with two words. It may be too late to hope for, but I would give the others a more dramatic appearance and give Fortune her own bombastic gimmick.


The creature designs and their contrast with the otherwise natural and primitive world is interesting. The action looks fun. I hope the main character will have an appealing personality.


The appeal is obvious, surely! Also, it reminds me of the Mega Man "Power" arcade series.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Starbreak at PAX East 2016

Some of our promo art and a pre-show photo of our environment artist L0cke and monster artist Kohyunu  giving our set up a quick test.
Promo images created with the assistance of L0cke who provided a beautiful starry sky to work off of.