Saturday, August 13, 2016

Confidence and Audacity

A friend of mine recently passed along some e-mail correspondence to me, which resulted in a short discussion about how to deal confidently with employers when looking for work.

Here's some advice:

1) Avoid statements about internal speculation, they usually come off as unsure or timid. For example "I think..." or I feel..." should be avoided. "I think I'm great for this position." is not as good as "I am great for this position."

2) Focus on the value you bring and not on what you need from the employer. Focusing on your needs when applying for work can come off as desperate, weak, needy, or even insincere. Use statements about how good you are at what you do or how great it would be for the company to have you.

3) Think of everything you say as dropping a foreign idea into your interlocutor's mind. Every idea you put out there enters their head in it's raw form. They must then exert some sort of mental effort to reconcile this new data with reality. Is it true? Is it false? If they do not do this, it simply remains in it's uncontested state.

This topic could probably be unpacked in greater detail, but I'll save that for some other time.

For now, just imagine two scenarios. Picture yourself speaking to someone you want to hire you. Imagine this fictional person will not put any effort into wrestling with the ideas you put into his head. Which of these plays is the winning move?

A) "I'm the perfect fit for your position."

B) "I hope we can work together soon."

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